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Our Law Office is committed to providing the highest level of representation to all of our clients. This commitment is resounded in our variety of clientele. From individuals to small and medium size businesses, the level of service meets the needs of the client. The areas of practice include business law and employment law. The business law area of the practice focuses on businesses from 1-500 employees or averaging less than $10 million in annual revenue. This focus allows for a greater concentration on the areas most common to these size businesses and those who have some of the greatest needs to be served.

The Employment Law Practice consists primarily of a Plaintiff’s practice supporting Wage and Labor Issues, Discrimination, Sexual Harassment, Retaliation Cases, Wrongful Termination, ADA, Title VII and other EEOC Cases, Unemployment Benefits Cases, Administrative Hearings and other employment related matters. However, as it relates to meeting the employment-related needs of our business clients, we support HR Consulting, Compliance and Policy Development/Review, Handbook Development and Review, Non-Compete Agreements, Severance and Executive Compensation Negotiations, and Advising Human Resources or Diversity Specialists and Legal Counsel. Employers, Employees and Practitioners are aware of the increasing number of disputes which can lead to complex and protracted litigation resulting in opinions handed down by the appellate courts. Consequently, many are also aware of the difficulty in keeping up with the changes in the law. Thus, we offer a thorough knowledge of the various factual situations, models and analyses, which are helpful in knowing how to take preventative and responsive measures to reduce employee dissatisfaction, and minimize or avoid the potential for litigation.

The Business Law Practice runs the gamut, and includes, but is not limited to, business litigation, contract negotiating, review & drafting individual and business agreements, wills, power of attorney, lease agreements, buy/sell agreements, strategic assessment, and entity formations to include Incorporation, LLC and Non-Profit formations.

We also offer to select clients, companies and firms, litigation management services for the civil practice to include, but not limited to, research, discovery, document review, preparation of briefs and motions, depositions and trial preparation. When your case strategy requires additional support, we offer collaborative services to partner with you for greater success.

As it relates to our legal services involving document review, contracts and other business and employment matters, having outside counsel can reduce expenses, caseloads and minimize conflicts of interest while providing a high level of support to internal diversity, human resource specialists and in-house attorneys. By doing so, your company maintains its ability to provide and improve upon customer satisfaction and legal compliance to clients.

Whether our client is a company, a firm, a business or an individual, we understand when the client’s general needs change, their legal needs will change, and we make every effort to keep you, the client, on track at every stage. Thus, we listen to our clients, respond to the challenges, and create viable legal solutions.

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